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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  April 25, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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thunderstorms around the area later on today. outside, right now, all has gotten quieter across the area. still a little bit of fog. another plane coming in for a landing at reagan national airport. cloudy skies this morning. temperatures in the mid 50s around town. 57 now in washington. 57 in prince george's county. 59 in springfield, virginia, 61 in quantico. there's a check of live doppler. no rain just yet. a cans for more showers maybe even a rumble or two of thunder later this afternoon. if you're headed out to nationals ballpark, the nationals and dodgers' first pitch 1:35 this afternoon. it will be a mild day at ballpark. have your ponchos ready to go just in case. i think they'll be able to get the game in though. >> more than three dozen. twisters ripped through the south on saturday. in yazoo city, mississippi, power full winds leveled many homes and businesses and nbc's jay gray reports from there.
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>> i'm in a tornado right now. >> the skies turned black and filled with driving rain, followed by a massive funnel cloud. just one of more than three dozen twisters that ripped across the southeast saturday. >> we're all right. we're all right. >> but much of mississippi is not. at least 16 counties were ravaged by the storm, some of the most severe damage in yazoo city about 40 miles north of jackson. >> the worst thing i ever saw in my life. it's devastating. >> homes, businesses and lives ripped part, twisted metal and splintered wood litters what little is left here. trees snapped and stripped bare, cars and trucks crumbled. mixed in with the rubble what used to be a grocery store, a unit treating at least a dozen injured. the most severe taken by chopper to area hospitals. >> we've got a lot of resources here on ground but we need them. it's a really bad tornado.
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>> the storm system continued to cut a path to the east where stunned survivors walked through what just minutes earlier was their neighborhood. now completely wiped away. the the severe weather also touched parts of tennessee, arkansas, alabama and louisiana. in madison parish near monroe, hazmat teams were called in to deal with a massive liquid nitrogen leak after winds seared through a chemical plant. part of the devastating and deadly path the storms left across several states. jay gray, nbc news, yazoo city, mississippi. emergency teams continued to work on the ground here through the day. officials say it's certain to be a new and difficult recovery. new concerns off the coast of louisiana. that ca tatreau fee left 11 workers missing and now presumed dead. crews were able to siphon off
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much of the oil slick from the surface and put containment booms in place to keep the oil from drifting. >> there is a moderate amount of residual oil on the surface we are working to clean up as far as offshore as possible. vehicles are trying to close valves deep underwater. if that fails, crews would co drill what's call add interessential weld. that's a process that could take months. today president barack obama will deliver a eulogy for the 29 workers killed in a mine explosion earlier this month. the president and first lady will attend the memorial service in beckley, west virginia. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the explosion inside the upper big branch mine. the vice president and other administration officials are scheduled to attend the public memorial as well. new today, an off duty d.c. police officer was car jocked around 10:00 last night in the 3800 block of old silver hill road in suitland. there are no reports of any
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injuries during that carjack. police have not released information about the suspect. we'll bring you those details as they come in. police have made an arrest in this weekend's stabbing in wheaton. edwin escobar salmarone is facing attempted first-degree murder charges accused in a confrontation that happened early yesterday morning at grand view and ennels avenues. police say he crashed his camry into a honda accord and then got out of his car and began banging on the honda. police say one passenger got out of the honda and that's when salmarone stabbed him. he was arrested yesterday. the victim is expected to be okay. the u.s. senate could take up immigration reform sooner than expected and it has republicans upset. a live look now at capitol hill. republican senator lindsey graham has threatened to withhold support for the climate change bill supposed to be introduced this week and capitol hill -- it is in there in that fog. he made the threat after harry
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reid said is he considering action on immigration bill first. the u.s. senate could take up -- we just told you about that. >> with that fog, chuck bell still insists it's a gorgeous day outside. >> it is for somebody. somebody appreciates the fog. >> it's a good day. but i wouldn't say it's gorgeous. come on now, chuck. >> jason campbell's time with the redskins is over and now he's heading out west. >> here's lindsay czarniak with your sports minute. >> good morning. your sports on this sunday morning we begins with former redskins quarterback jason campbell turned quarterback for the raiders for a fourth round pick in the 2012 drift. it will be his ninth different offensive system in his five years in washington, campbell threw 55 touch downstairs, 38 intercepti interceptions. here's a look who the redskins selected. in the fourth round, the skins take perry riley, a linebacker
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from lsu, dennis morris in the sixth, a tight end from louisiana tech and in the seventh round, terrence austin from ucla was chosen as was offensive guard eric cook out of new mexico as well as selvish capers, an offensive tackle from west virginia. nationals hosting the dodgers. the gnats had a chance to win it in extra innings but pudge rodriguez thrown out at home plate. still have a .500 record at 9-9. that's your sports minute. i'm lindsay czarniak. have a great day. >> it's 9:06 right now on this sunday morning. still ahead, new details about the allegations against goldman sachs. the information some of its investors might not have known that would end up costing them big bucks. >> and tayshaun could be gone but could another little panda so
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another rally is set today to protest one of the tough quest state laws against undocumented immigrants in our country. on friday, the arizona governor signed a law requiring police to question individuals about their immigration status. it allows police to ask for identification if they suspect someone is in the country illegally. the law also toughens restrictions on hiring illegal immigrants for day labor and
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knowingly transporting them. the new law could take effect this summer but it is almost certain to be challenged the nation's supreme court. we've learned more details what top executives knew as congress investigates goldman sachs for fraud. e-mails from 2007 released this weekend suggest goldman knew they would benefit from betting that securities backed by subprime mortgages would lose value. the messages seem to contradict statements by the bank that it lost money on securities. goldman sachs is facing civil fraud charges. the securities and exchange commission says investors weren't told about the risks of the mortgages. one of the e-mails is from a trader to the head of goldman's subprime business. he writes that the business is "totally dead and the poor little subprime borrowers will not last so long." they maintain they did not engage in a massive bet against its clients. financial reform set for showdown in the senate tomorrow. republicans say they will vote against any legislation that
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allows more wall street bailouts but backers hope they will get a boost after new details emerge from the scandal. brian mooar has the story. >> a bill designed to clean up wall street faces a key test vote on monday in the senate. >> it's time for democrats to put away the political playbook and simply say publicly what they're suggesting privately, that this bill still needs some work. >> but last week's firm republican opposition and threats to block the bill appear to be softening. >> i think some internal polls probably showed up in the united states senate. they took one look at it and said if we're standing against reform of wall street, we are going to be hurt terribly. goldman executives face a grilling next week by a senate committee and democrats have released documents revealing how the investment giant reaped a fortune by getting against its own investors. president obama promises this
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bill will cut wall street back down to size. >> these reforms will put an end once and for all to taxpayer bailouts and bring greater transparency to complex financial dealings. >> meanwhile, he's defending the taxpayer-funded bailout and resurrection of general motors which announced this week it's paying back uncle sam with interest five years early. republicans are disputing white house claims the bailouts are costing taxpayers much less than expected. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> the administration says the financial bailout could be as low as $87 billion, that's down from $500 million. >> it's 9:12 right now. time to check in with meteorologist chuck bell for a peek at our week long forecast. >> today is going to turn out to a pretty nice day. all the details coming right up.
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strong sandstorms swept across several provinces in western china yesterday. sands darkened the sky. cities were left in a cloud of orange dust and visibility reduced to almost zero. according to china's central television, the sandstorms were the worst recorded in two provinces in the last 17 years.
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that's incredible video. >> yeah, it is. >> almost looked like time lapse. >> a little bit. hard to imagine even folks and settlers in the plain states having to deal with the dust bowl area ooze. >> crazy stuff from mother nature. for us, we're left way little bit of fog around first thing on our sunday morning. so we'll deal with that. but the rain showers that we had on my drive into work early this morning are now long gone. many more dry hours to come before our next chance for rain and thunderstorms rolls in later on this afternoon. but outside, right now, a little bit of fog outside this morning as warmer air is trying to poof into the area. that's the reason for the fog this morning. even through the fog, i can tell you that that is the lincoln memorial right there. temperature in downtown washington, climbed up now to 57 degrees. so far, our april rainfall is a little bit behind. an average april has 2.77 inches of rain and the last six aprils in a row have all been wetter
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than average. if we finish up with a dry april this year, that will be the first dry one in quite some stretch. visibilities around the area this morning, four miles visibility downtown now 2 1/2 miles visibility in fairfax and loudoun counties. 3/4 mile in frederick, maryland. ten miles towards quantico and out towards culpeper. these will be lifting. temperatures in the upper 50s around down. mid 60s now into far southern maryland. here's a check of doppler. no rain around the area for now. but there are showers in the forecast for later on today. but it's going to be awhile. all the -- back out to our west and out is rain-free at this point in time. once we had daytime heat together mix, that will start to turn things over a little bit. most of the stronger thunderstorms are right along the south carolina coastline into parts of southern georgia and parts of northern florida, as well. that's where the big severe weather is going to be today. add heat and instability to the
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atmosphere around here and we'll be able to cook up thunderstorms later this afternoon. keep a weather eye to the sky after 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. that more unstable air is going to continue to lift on in. it the folks at norman oklahoma have issue aid slight risk for severe weather around here today. yesterday, they had high risk bulls eye down across the deep south, one of the few times a year they get up to high risk. boy, did it ever verify with more than 60 reports of tornados yesterday across about five or six states into the deep south. around here today, that warm front lifting up to about the mason-dixon line. that's the reason for the risk of showers and thunderstorms today. as we go through the day tomorrow as that area of low pressure gets closer, it will also bring a chance for a rumble or two of thunder into our forecast on monday. not quite the severe weather threat tomorrow as we may be facing later on today. fog out there for now.
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gradually we'll thin that out. might get a break or two of sunshine. noticeably warmer today. highs 15 to 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. some storms and thunderstorms may be today. monday, maybe a rumble or two of thunder. the all important forecast, highs into the low 70s again tomorrow. a little bit cooler as we get into tuesday and wednesday. but that's when things start to get better around here. the last of the showers should be done with us about sundown on tuesday. wednesday looks dry. then as we finish out the month of april into thursday and friday, temperatures zooming back into the 70s and saturday will be may 1st, and we'll be back up close to 80 degrees once again. >> that's what we like to hear. >> except for people who hate hot weather. >> thanks, chuck. all eyes are on the national zoo this morning. everyone want to know if another baby panda is on the way. mei xiang was artificially
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inseminated back in january and could be expecting a cub. worker dozen not know if she is pregnant. they'll have to wait and see if a baby appears because the signs of pregnancy can be deceiving. >> she'll start changing her behaviors as though she were pregnant. she'll start nest building. her food consumption drops off. she'll start sleeping a lot more even if she is actually not pregnant. that's what makes it very tricky to determine whether she's going to produce a cub or not and we don't know for sure unless she does or does not give birth. >> if she does deliver a healthy cub, it would be important for the species. only a few thousand pandas live around the world. traders triples and triple toes. here's yoourn yang. >> this week on kids post" on tv, we're talking stocks, baseball and princesses. tracee kidd, thanks for joining us once again. >> always a pleasure. >> let's first talk about money.
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>> you know kids hear a lot about the stock market. it's been in the news, crossing 11,000 a lot. they may hear their parents talk about it. it's one of those things that's really complicated. in wednesday's kids post," we take a share of a stock in a company that kids know and love, disney and use that to explain how the stock market works, how you can buy a share and hope that the company goes up in value. how it tends to be a good investment but it's also risky. it might be something that kids and parents can use to talk about together. >> i think some adults could learn something from that article, as well. next, america's favorite pasttime. we're talking baseball, of ours. >> it's april. baseball season well under way. the nationals are doing well. what's not to like. in thursday's kids post" we explain some of the unique lingo that goes along with baseball like why does a k indicate a strike or why is a pitch that comes close into a batter's face
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called chin music. >> i think it's because it rattles your teeth. lots of baseball lingo. and it helps kids get ready for the baseball season. >> that should be interesting. the nats play this weekend, we know that. finally, we're talking about royalty. >> imagination stage which is one of my favorite places to take kids for theater has a wonderful production called "the dancing princesses." and it's a musical. it's set in the roaring '20s so it introduces kids to music and dance they may not be familiar with. and it's an and adaptation of the ferry tale the 12 dancing princesses. really well done. >> thanks as always. and for some fun family activities, just visit or and click on kids post. that's kids post on tv 4 this week. i'm eun yang. >> thanks, eun. still ahead on "news4 today,"
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deadly tornadoes tear through the south. the latest on all the devastation. >> and air travel may finally be getting back to normal in europe but life is anything but normal for residents of iceland. the huge impact the vol cane foe is h [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood.
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and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] try new chocolate cheerios with a touch of delicious chocolate taste in every bite. and good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kimberly suiters. it's sunday, april 25th, 2010.
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>> there is destruction through the deep south after several tornadoes poofed through the area. the death toll is at ten ta includes three concern and dozens other injured. yazoo city, mississippi received some of the most severe damage. utter obliteration is how mississippi's governor describes it. pour full winds uprooted trees and seared through a chemical plant causing a massive liquid nitrogen leak. one 11-year-old says she's never witnessed anything like this in her life. >> i was scared because i felt like the house was going to fall part and fall down on us. >> we didn't know how house was still standing. my parents are alive. bri brother and sister. >> a lot of people are without power across the southeast from the same massive storm system which started its destruction in texas yesterday. let's find out what that storm system could bring to us today. chuck, have we heard anything about ef scale on any of the
9:27 am
tornados? >> the one that i've heard so far is a 3. an f-3 rating down there. that would put winds up to as much as 165 miles an hour. more than enough to do quite a bit of damage and quite a bit of loss of life across our friends and neighbors in the great state of mississippi. for us around the washington area today, off to a bit of a foggy and soupy start. temperatures in the mid 50s as you look at lincoln memorial in downtown washington. our current temperature has climbed up to 57 degrees now. a lot of low and mid 60s showing up for bell voir down to quantico, culpeper, naval air station in beautiful st. mary's county. in the low to mid 60s now. you can see there lots of showers and thunderstorms way down to our south. but the local doppler is rain free at this point in time. we'll have several more rain free hours between now and 2:00 this afternoon. then a little bit of warm air and some sunshine will destabilize things and end up with another round of showers, maybe strong to severe thunderstorms. folks headed out to the
9:28 am
nationals/dodgers game, first pitch 1:35 this afternoon. most of the game i think will start dry and be dry. but you may want to have your ponch cho just in says to play it safe. i think most of the game will be able to be played. >> sounds good. thank you. international flights are resuming worldwide, but struggles continue in iceland this morning. the still billoing volcano is disrupting everything from farmering to tourism. chris jansing has more on the economic impact of one volcano. >> reporter: 11 days after eyjafjallajokull first blew its cap with explosive power, it is still causing trouble. only now it's closer to home. the plume though much smaller is black and threatening. children on a school trip can't go outside without wearing protective macks. >> of course, we're worried. >> iceland's major airports are
9:29 am
empty. no flights scheduled in or out all weekend. >> farmers are worried that animals that provide the milk and wool and eggs that are their livelihood might not survive the onslaught of ash. >> i'm afraid. >> because the ash will poison your hay? >> yes. >> and as important as agriculture is to this economy, tourism easily trumps it, bringing in $1.2 billion a year. only about 300,000 people live in iceland but 500,000 come here every year drawn by the natural beauty. the question is the volcano is, will it bring tourists in or scare them away? iceland's president is optimistic the country is more attractive to travelers. >> we emphasize it is a country of fire and nice people want to
9:30 am
see where the place is that caused all this trouble. >> exactly. >> but the president acknowledges no one will know the true impact until after the peak summer season and it could depend on how long eyjafjallajokull remains active. >> these high winds, so high they're almost pulling me over are carrying the grit into the usually crystal clear water fall. it's turned a dirty brown. a nearby hotel that had been expecting at least 100 tour yists sits empty and anwhere eyjafjallajokull will leave iceland's economy tomorrow is as unclear as the landscape. >> tourism and agriculture account for more than 10% of iceland's competent. >> a convoy carrying a top mexican official was attacked by gunman early saturday morning killing four and injuring ten others. she was traveling in a
9:31 am
bulletproof suv when her convoy was attacked. the secretary is recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. two bodyguards and two bystanders were killed. this morning thousands of people will gather on the national mall to mark the 40th anniversary of earth day. >> musicians sting and john legend are among the headline ares at the concert. derrick ward is live at the rally. this is more than just music, derrick. >> indeed as most things are in washington, there is a political bent to this, as well. what better way to gather people around the cause tan through music. thousands are expected here on the national mall today for the culmination of events surrounding the 40th annual earth day observance. >> the goal of today's ral little is to product congress to pass a comprehensive climate bill. there's one moving through congress on hold caught up in partisan wrangling over immigration legislation. the bands will play on in hopes of getting through the impasse. sting, the roots, robert
9:32 am
randolph, john legend and passion pit are slated to perform once this event begins. the sky is gray and storms are forecast. but don't worry about that says the event producer. >> well, we have a standing evacuation plan. we work close with the park police and park service and basically the smithsonian institution. so if we do see inclement weather, thunderstorms that might be threatening with lightning, we've got somebody in the production trailer, that their so job is to look at the doppler radar. i won't tell what channel but we focus on that throughout the day and we'll make announcements from the stage as well as information on jumbotrons to allow the people that are tending to act at the mall safely. >> as he said, this is about more than music. jesse jackson, alf cole president richard trumka and the author margaret at wood. it's a good cause if you're coming down, definitely bring an
9:33 am
umbrella to put on the ground. it is free. the bands start to play early afternoon. sting and the others get on later in the afternoon. hopefully the weather will hold out. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. still ahead this hour, hi-tech news from the holy land. why ipads may soon be the hot new item in israel. >> and jason campbell is heading west. west. hear li west. where is it written hear li that the old way is the right way? where is it written that a traditional education is the only way to get an education? where is it written that classes only take place in a classroom? what if you could get your degree, to develop your talent, no matter who you are, or where you are? what if there was a different kind of university?
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one that's changing the rules... that comes to you, that fits in your life... even adapts to how you learn. where is it written that you can't change your life? that's just the thing. it isn't written anywhere.
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today's "wednesday's child" is a lovely young girl with a terrific personality and she's hoping that some day soon she will have the family she's been dreaming of. barbara harrison takes us to meet sierra. >> hi. >> hi, barbara. >> so good to see you. >> you too. >> do you know where we're going? the international art museum. i know you want to be a lawyer. did you ever think you might want to be a spy? >> cool, i like gadgets. >> inside we met spy museum director peter ernest. >> it's good to meet you. >> once a spy himself during his 38-year career with the cia, peter offered us a tour and a firsthand view of what it's like to be under cover. >> and when people talk about i have a cover, that's when i
9:37 am
pretend to be somebody else. >> sierra was fascinated especially when given her own cover, a new identity as a spy. >> here's what i want you to try and remember, okay? >> yes. >> what's your fame? >> jane myers. >> and you're what? >> a female. >> okay. all right. and how old are you? >> 13. >> how old are you really. >> 12. >> in real life, she era has had to make changes. five years ago at 7 years old, she became a foster child. >> she came to the system due to instability in her people. >> she says sierra is a bright youngster who adapts well to new situations >> he era's very friendly and outgoing. she's very inquisitive. she really 30ss for knowledge. >> sierra says spying looks really interesting but she really want to be a lawyer some day. >> i want to be a lawyer and because lawyers like to debate, and i like to debate. >> but right now more than anything she want a permanent
9:38 am
loving family. >> tell me about the kind of family you would like to have if you were going to be adopted. >> i want to have a fun family, family that's loving. >> a family you're really looking for is a family that will build upon her strengths to encourage her to, motivate her. and with a -- along with love, she will flourish and be very successful. >> in the bag among other things was a t-shirt with a message. deny everything. >> but it's no secret sierra would like to share everything with a family. barbara harrison, news4 for "wednesday's child." full have room in your home and heart for a child waiting, please call our special adoption hotline. or you can logon to our homepage at the new apple ipad has caused disruptionince its introduction. it was even banned in israel. as of today, israel will be able to enjoy the gadget.
9:39 am
the country originally banned it over concerns that the wireless signals used by the devices would disrupt other electronics. after review the communications ministry says it meets their standards. during the ban, at least ten were seized at israel's international airport. the house majority leader got into his groove. ♪ >> and he's the one in the blue shirt there if you need help picking him out. this is facebook video showing maryland congressman steny hoyer doing the electric slide in south carolina friday night. he was there for majority whip jim clyburn's annual fish fry. if you can't get enough that have video go, to for more. there should be more of that in congress. i would like to see the entire house of amore burst into song and dance sometime. >> let loose and dance together. >> yes. you know those guys down on the hill. they couldn't agree whether to go left first or right first.
9:40 am
>> anyway. we need a little sunshine in our lives. i'm still optimistic. we may get a break or two of sunshine before the day is through. >> i've got the seven-day
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9:42 right now. still a little soggy out there. >> misty, foggy. a little foggy outside but that's all right because with the fog is the sign that the
9:43 am
warmer air is moving in and that is the reason for my optimism today. warmer air on the way. yesterday, there was a whole lot of clouds but not much in the way of rainfall across the area. officially only .05 inch of rain fell yesterday. four of those fell after 11:00 p.m. last night and into early this morning. there's a look at downtown washington. the lincoln memorial getting more and more visible with each passing moment. i can feel it out there. temperatures are starting to climb as well here in friendly northwest washington at the channel 4 studios, we've made it up to 56. national airport is at 57 right now. it has been a dry april. only half of our average rainfall here so far in the month of april. but that's unusual. the last six aprils in a row have all been wetter than average. an average april just under three inches of rain. here's the visibilities again. still four miles downtown. already a lot of the spots just down to our south and west
9:44 am
visibilities at ten miles or better and continuing to improve. temperatures are also on their way up. 57 here in town. 52 in frederick and new market, maryland. 54 in haggerstown. 56 at the naval academy. 64 down into leonardtown and st. mary's city. 62 in quantico and stafford. 63 in culpeper, virginia. radar shows hardly a drop to be found anywhere around the area at this point in time. many more dry hours still to come. here's a look at the broader view. you can get a sense no rain down across parts of central and southwestern virginia right now. so all of that dry air is relatively rain free is coming in our direction. now that we have the sun bob the clouds and the little daytime heating is starting to mix in, that will destabilize things. we will end up with showers and could i couple of thunderstorms later this afternoon. raleigh, north carolina, 66, atlanta, georgia, already nearly 70.
9:45 am
cincinnati, ohio, 62 at this point in time. look at this tightly wound ball of low pressure out here across the state of illinois. out ahead of it, a lot of spin. little pieces of energy coming around that system. as a result with the warm front going through, we'll end up in the warmer more unstable air for late this morning early this afternoon. could set the stage for an isolated severe thunderstorm later on today. just sort of keep a weather ear and eye to the sky later on. as the warm front lifts through, a round of showers and potentially strong thunderstorms this afternoon. that all fades away at 9:00, 10:00 this evening. tomorrow we'll do it all over again. with the area of low pressure getting closer to us, our thunderstorm chances diminish a little bit even though our rain chances go up especially tomorrow afternoon. by tomorrow evening into early tuesday morning time frame that, area of low pressure headed out off the eastern seaboard. back behind it cooler and drier air coming in for tuesday afternoon and on into wednesday
9:46 am
before a nice little reprieve comes but by the end of the week. stuck in the clouds for now. i think we'll get a break or two of sunshine. noticeably warmer today than yesterday. only the low and mid 60s. today low and mid-70s. a chance of a thunderstorm late this afternoon. tomorrow, rain showers, maybe a rumble or two of thunder coming tomorrow. tomorrow's high near 71 degrees. tuesday, the last of the showers tapering off around sundown on tuesday leaving us with a dry day for wednesday. with a high temperature up near 67 degrees and then as we zoom into the end of the week back into the 70s we'll go for thursday and friday and up near 80 degrees as we head into next weekend. never too early to start thinking about next weekend. >> can't wait. thank you. still ahead this morning, a thriller at nationals park. could the nats pull off a huge comeback win against the dodgers? >> he's mastered the hot dog. now this eater tries his hand at asparagus.
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the chris matthews show follows us this morning. >> let's check in with chris to see what he's working on for this week's show. >> good morning. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, the president's got a winning line on wall street and looks like the
9:50 am
populist appeal of reform will bring him a big bipartisan win. will he settle for a quick compromise with the republicans? and why is the president making a big push on immigration this year? is that smart politically in this tough election year? plus we create theaid star last weekend. >> good morning. coming up this washington, washington versus wall street. is a deal finally near on financial reform. we will ask the two men tray trying to shape an agreement. democratic senator chris dodd and republican senator richard shelby. then our roundtable takes on the growing political divide over illegal immigration back on the front burner now as well as financial reform. how will voters sort it all out in november coming up this morning on "meet the press."
9:51 am
>> jason campbell is heading west. he's been traded to oakland, but he's still keeping a positive attitude. >> lindsay czarniak spoke with the quarterback as he prepared for the big change. good morning, your sports on this sunday morning begins with former redskins quarterback jason campbell turned quarterback for the oakland r d raiders. it has been a whirlwind for campbell as he prepares to fly to california this afternoon. looking at at the raiders history, oakland is not a team that you wouldnarily jump at the chance to be a part of. for jason, this is a chance to % lead a team taking steps to turn around. everything about this is new for jason including moving across the country. >> the only thing i thought about was the long flight. it's a five-hour flight. from home. but at the same time, i was like, like i said, you know, excited at the same time. sad to be leaving a lot of people.
9:52 am
i always say when one door closes, another one opens. so maybe it's meant for me to go there and be in that position and to tep turn things around. you never know. if i go there and that happens, you know, as i look back on it, it will be like it was well worth it. everyone was asking me about the starting quarterback position. i told them we'll talk about that when we get there. the main thing for me is finally be settled knowing what i'm going to be doing, what's my position. and now i can just start preparing myself for what's to come. >> you've had situations where there haven't been a lot of constants around you here. do you feel you were given a fair shot to succeed with the redskins? >> that's hard to say. you know, last year we went through a whole lot. there was a lot that went on. so i wish them the best and i wish them the best in everything that they do. i talked to coach shanahan earlier today. like i said, i talked to mr. snyder. so you know, you just wish them well. i wish it could have been better. i do believe i could have been a really good quarterback here.
9:53 am
you know, different circumstances and situations, but at the same time, you know, you can't dwell on that. you've got to understand that sometimes things happen to prepare you for something better down the road. there's no bitterness at all. i definitely respect the redskins organization and respect the fan base because their fans are so passionate. no matter, you know, if we win, lose or draw on the field. there was this passion on the field that i've ever seen. >> jason campbell was kind enough to invite us into his home. when we got there some of his family friends were there. this is his friend frankie who had already donned his raiders jersey with the name campbell written by a sharpie on the back. so his fans already supporting him as he ventures into a new era in oakland. jason talked about moves the raiders are making and they have drafted their maryland star offensive lineman bruce campbell. a big deal for them as they make an effort to revamp their offensive line. one more note about jason, his golf tournament that supports
9:54 am
the leukemia lymphoma society is scheduled for tomorrow. on monday. while he still will have an impact on this community, his buddy chris cooley has agreed to help him out. the redskins were able to take a look back at what they consider a very successful draft with mike shanahan. and general manager bruce allen at the helm. if you turned away because all you cared about was if they addressed the offensive line, here are the other selections. in round four through seven. let's take a look at picks. the skins took perry riley from lsu, a linebacker. in the sixth, it was dennis morris, a tight end out of louisiana tech. in the seventh round wide receiver terrence austin from ucla was there and eric cook out of new mexico and selvish capers, an offensive tackle from west virginia. to baseball now. nationals catcher ivan pudge rodriguez is probably rethinking a move he made yesterday when he tried to beat out a throw at home plate with the nationals down by one run in extra innings against the dodgers.
9:55 am
we're at national park where joe torre was making himself at home just watching the game. bottom of the eighth, nats trail by a run. >> nyjer morgan sends that to left. adam kennedy scores to tie the game at three. but the game goes to extra innings. now we're in the 11th inning. russell martin lifts that one to right. but check out willie harris. has a beat on it. jumps up and makes that catch. willie was pumped. this, my friends, is impressive. willie harris reads it like a book making that amazing grab. good effort by harris. to the 13th still tied at three. not anymore. russell martin rips it to center. rafael furcal comes around to score and the dodgers just like that take a 4-3 lead. what a ball game this was. guess what, the nationals are not giving up. jim riggleman and the team say all i care about is we've got a chance. you've got to stick with me, guys. two on for ian desmond. he hits one to third. here comes pudge rodriguez. is pudge going to make it? no, he's out.
9:56 am
pudge rodriguez tries to make good but is he out at home plate. with that the nationals lose, 4-3 in 13 innings. that's going to do it for your sports on this sunday morning. i'm lindsay czarniak. have a great day. >> a different kind of sporting event i think. if you've heard of eating contests for hot ca dogs and those sorts of things what, about asparagus. >> the asparagus eating championship was yesterday in california. >> it was a great contest. the crowd was definitely on my side. i definitely was able to push harder than everybody else i think. >> at least he was smiling. five time champion joey chess enough of won the competition again this year. he ate an amazing eight pounds seven ounces of asparagus and only one ounce shy of the record for the contest which he also holds. it is part of a three-day stockton asparagus festival if you feel food, events and
9:57 am
entertainment. >> you've got to keep it down to win. >> i like asparagus. that doesn't bother me too much. you really don't like it. >> not a fan. >> that turn your stomach? >> that's a little nasty to be perfectly honest with you. >> he's moving onto the brussell sprout eating contest next weekend. >> don't want to be around after that contest. >> thanks for joining us. >> and wake up with us monday morning. we begin bright and early at 4:30. until then, have a great day, everyone.
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